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Did you know that stressless magic recliners relax your entire body by offering the right combination of balance and optimum support? Also interesting to know is that using the Stressless Glide System, you can automatically shift to any seating position by simply using your body weight. If, for instance, you opt for less reclining tension, then you can easily grab the glide wheel knobs and give them a twist. In general, when these are set, there will be no need for further adjustment in the future, unless you let someone else sit in the recliner who may have other comfort preferences.
Another important feature would be that the easily-moved ottoman also has a built-in Tilt System that adjusts to your body movements. How great is that? It is also interesting to note that there is an extra thick layer of cushioning on the Stressless Magic recliner ottoman. It doubles as a separate stool (you can easily flip it upside down and lock the four available plastic clips). You should also keep in mind that Stressless recliners and accessories are designed to last many years, so their wooden foundation is certainly going to be stable and extremely durable over time.
Custom-fit is also a great way to describe either stressless mayfair or stressless magic chair from Ekornes in beautiful Norway. For example, the Stressless Magic- Medium, which is similar to its larger sized brother, namely the Stressless Magic Recliner- Large, is produced by the experts from the Nordic region with a lot of care and attention. It provides a new level of comfort and relaxation that one could only imagine. It is also stylish and brings back and neck-saving features that all Stressless Recliners and sofas are famous for throughout the world!
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