My Bunny Date online dating auction will make a donation to you favorite charity on behalf of Generous Member

There is no need anymore for hiring a dating coach or an expensive matchmaker! Adult dating is no longer difficult, thanks to the internet. Unusual, yet entertaining online dating auction website offers its members the ability to bid and pay for their first dates with other users (usually young attractive females).

Money is exchanged during the date. It's basically like an auction except you are trying to get a date instead of a random item. This site provides a completely different view to look at the dating niche. It is more like a bidding game where members bid to go on their first date by paying a specific amount. Men and women can sign up on the site for free and input their photo, profile and what they want to do on a first date. But don't judge the website by its cover! You will be amazed and inspired as you take a deeper look into the countless numbers of people who have found love. There are so many different things men choose to do with their money.

They buy thousand-dollar shoes and expensive watches because they can and now they can have a date which could lead to a new relationship. Most of the females on are college students and they can either accept the bid / reject or counter offer. The site insists the money is to illustrate interest and not hope for intimacy. "Bid for First Dates" website offers its members to show interest by winking.  So to Wink or Not to Wink? How do you respond to a wink? What does it mean? The site makes it very easy to find a perfect match and it all starts with Winking. After a wink is accepted it is usually followed by the offer ($100, $200, $300 on average). After users decide on the price of the date and confirm the first date begins.

My Bunny Date online dating auction will make a donation to you favorite charity on behalf of Generous Member (males).  Once an offer is accepted, the site will unlock the messaging capability to let the two users plan out their date.  All set! will help you find someone better and faster than the other available sites, so try it out! The company boasts that its attractive ladies and generous bidders are from all races, ethnicities and backgrounds. The site is making headlines, most of them wary. So would you pay for a first date?