Before taking the step to purchase a ducted gas heating or an air purifier, you should get access to as much information as possible, due to the fact that the market is filled with poor quality products that promise to be reliable and good, but truthfully do not rise to one’s standards. This is the reason why one should study the market and even stores online, such as Peninsula Air Conditioning, in order to fully understand what the best products are, where they are sold and by whom they are sold.


You may ask yourself what Peninsula Air Conditioning is. Well, it is a type of family run business, based in Warriewood on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, which provides its clients with the best quality gas ducted heating and split air conditioning systems.Having been established in 1999, this company has a “tradie” reputation, not to mention a wide variety of extremely happy clients, always praising and giving their approval on the excellent service they offer and the amazing products, like gas ducted heating systems.


The people behindPeninsula Air Conditioning or, its handy and nicely organized website, are very serious, professional and have an eye to detail and to what customers want and need. Being fully insured with $20 million of public liability cover, split air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical licences, this company is a member of the Housing Industry Association, often relying on the help of plumbers and electricians who are experts in power circuits and gas heating connections and who know for sure what products are truly needed.


Ducted gas heatingis an excellent service the highly spoken of company offers. It is a very popular heating method, a state-of-the-art one, due to the fact that it can easily control preferential zones, including individual temperature controlled zones,and customise a solution exactly the way in which the large number of happy customers wants it. An example of great gas ducted heatingsystem is the Braemar six star gas heating system, the most efficient and praisedone in Australia


Due to the fact that in July 2012 the team of experts fromPeninsula Air Conditioning opened the first branch of offices outside of the popular Australian city named Sydney, namely Newcastle, you are free to visit its headquarters in order to speak face to face with members of the family run business. The address is the following: 18 Third Street, Adamstown NSW 2289. This branch of office in Newcastle is controlled byone of the most serious and committed member, Drewe Waller, who also has years of experience and a sheer determination to help others. Alternatively, you can call at 1300 990 050, fromMonday to Friday, startingat 8am until 4pm.

Do you want to get more information on how to purchase and install ducted gas heating or gas ducted heating? Then why don’t you go online, to and see what is in store for you!