Grandma’s Travelin’ Trailer has a special meaning to author Wade P. Haggard.

Based loosely on his children’s experiences with their grandmother Wade details adventures and excitement with intricate detail.  The Travel Trailer is a story set in the lives of 9-year-old twins, Steven and Tyler.  Venturing into the wilds with Grandma, the boys investigate their destinations, problem-solving, and uncovering new games, and outdoor skills.  The story is written in detail so the young reader participates in the discovery.

The boys are as ever day as can be, but there is something special about Grandma and her Travelin’ Trailer, something magical.  Strange things happen as the trio mystically travel while resting in the travel trailer.  New places are only a wish away.  Steven and Tyler love the little travel Trailer and Grandma too, but not everyone is so enthusiastic.

Professor Barkley, obsessed with the trailer, desires it for himself.  Superseding his own inventions, the pint-sized camper taunts him with an uncanny ability to transport occupants from destination to destination in odd time.  He and his mischievous Raven sidekick Oswald track Grandma and the boys attempting to steal the compact caravan.

At 70 pages and just over 16,000 words this chapter book makes a great read for children 6-12.  A first Chapter book and the first in the series, Grandma’s Travelin’ Trailer is a positive and entertaining addition to a children’s library.

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