A new service offered by Gram Luv allows customers to get more Instagram followers . Instagram is one of the hottest new social media sites on the internet. Gram Luv allows online businesses and individuals to purchase Instagram followers to help improve their account status.

There are four packages of purchasing Instagram followers that Gram Luv is offering;

- Popular: 5,000 followers
- Standing Out: 10,000 followers
- Celebrity: 15,000 followers
- Viral: 20,000 followers

Depending on the package purchased, all followers are delivered in 1 to 7 business days with a 3 month replacement guarantee. For those wishing to build up a following on Instagram, Gram Luv offers a compelling service. As with many other social media sites, the number of followers on an Instagram account can heavily influence those who are considering following an account. For online businesses and individuals, gaining followers without having any to start with can be quite difficult. By purchasing followers, credibility and gravitas is gained for Instagram accounts.

Adding gravitas to Instagram accounts helps attract new followers which can then snowball into gaining even more followers. Credibility is a key element in adding new followers. This means that purchasing a package from Gram Luv can get most online businesses and individuals jump starting their Instagram accounts. This can also influence future postings of images and photos on Instagram as followers will tell their friends about the account. If you’re interested in learning more about Gram Luv and how you can get more Instagram followers feel free to visit GramLuv.com

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