Graincorp's Geelong Material Handling Facility is now operating at maximum efficiency due to a complete weighing solution designed and installed by Australia's leading weighbridge supplier METTLER TOLEDO. The unique solution incorporated a five-deck weighbridge enabling Graincorp to comply with Change of Responsibility regulations, and the use POWERCELL PDX load cells, guaranteeing them accuracy and reliability in any environment.

As the leaders of Australian bulk handling exports, Graincorp required a solution that performed accurately in a highly corrosive environment. Unlike conventional weighbridges, the design had to be 100% reinforced concrete with no exposed steel work otherwise it would rust away. Their need for accuracy was critical due to the large number of transactions the facility performed each day; the smallest of discrepancies could lead to considerable revenue losses over time.

After being contacted by Graincorp management, METTLER TOLEDO developed a solution that would deliver the accuracy Graincorp required ensuring compliance with Federal Government Change of Responsibility regulations.

METTLER TOLEDO's complete weighing solution included POWERCELL PDX load cells, scientifically tested to withstand the most extreme environment, ensuring accurate and reliable weighing results in a corrosive environment. This one of a kind technology removed the need for junction boxes, normally the weakest link on a weighbridge in harsh environments.

To meet Graincorp's additional requirements, a purpose-built five-deck weighbridge was designed to allow every truck to be optimally loaded at any time while remaining in accordance with Change of Responsibility regulations. By ensuring each section of the truck could be weighed individually, with no axle group ever under or over weight, METTLER TOLEDO's weighbridge enabled Graincorp to load its trucks to maximum legal weight every time and thus get the most out of every transaction to generate greater profits.

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