Peterborough, UK.
The government’s disposal scheme for illegal pesticides draws to an end and has allowed 86 Scottish farmers to dispose of such chemicals to date.  Peterborough-based Enduramaxx ensures that farmers store all chemicals safely and securely, thanks to its range of dedicated chemical storage tanks.

The government-run scheme was set up earlier in the year as part of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland.  Its aims are to assist in ridding illegal pesticides that might prove a threat to wildlife.

The scheme, which ran to the end of May this year, included the free disposal of pesticides including; aldicarb, carbofuran, carbosulfan, isofenphos, mevinphos, sodium cyanide, strychnine and most types of bendiocarb pesticides.  Banned or expired formulations of chloralose and banned or expired formulations of aluminium phosphide were also accepted.

All of the aforementioned pesticides, whether legal, illegal, or expired can be extremely toxic to the environment and local wildlife and therefore, their correct storage is imperative.  And this goes for all other types of agricultural chemicals too.  Enduramaxx chemical storage tanks are strong, durable vertical storage tanks and are free from corrosion risks, thanks to their robust design.  The chemical tanks are rotationally moulded and resist the growth of algae and bacteria and are very easy to clean.

Enduramaxx became a brand at the forefront of farming, thanks to it’s development of a wide range of plastic water tanks, which includes; rainwater harvesting tanks, cone bottom tanks and potable water tanks, which exceed WRAS certification for human drinking water.  The company’s chemical storage tanks are not only suitable for the safe storage of pesticides, but are also ideal for beer, cider and winemaking, along with molasses and liquid feed storage, biodiesel storage, and of course, for usage as a chemical storage tank and chemical mix tank.

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