USA — The Gotham font is inspired by a font that is as American as it gets. Not one that is displayed on campaigns or texts that are unreachable to the layman, but the font that every truck driver, farmer, pharmacy owner and the average New Yorker is familiar with for close to half a century.

In the year 2000, a company in New York decided to come up with a font that stood for all that is prudent; simple, practical and no nonsense. The Gotham font is devoid of ostentation and is more geometric, having chosen to do away with any form of flourish. And yet, it stands out with a personality of its own. One that defines itself as non-negotiable, stable and bold.

In a sense, it is as common, and as popular as apple pie. It is therefore natural that the Gotham font is now also available as a freeware that is readily available, easily downloadable and extremely simple to use. Installing the font is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse, after which it will become a part of your laptop or PC like it has always been there.

The character of the Gotham font changes, based on where it is used and its purpose. For example, it stands out for its uncluttered, powerful design when used in hoardings or billboards or on the cover of magazines. On the other side of the gamut, it is also one of the most readable and can be used to pack in data or information that needs to be disseminated to a large number of people or a wide demographic.

Most businesses have already taken to this font and made it their own.

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The Gotham Font is available as a freeware that is extremely easy and quick to download. Since it is from a trusted source, it is safe from adware and malware and free from sign ups.

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