Gopi Bhalla - Transcript


  1. After FIR you took a break and were seen doing minor roles in other shows, was this sabbatical deliberate?


Yes. The channel had asked me to keep playing some minor roles in the serials for a continued relationship with them. Infact, I also played roles in 2 -3 shows during that tenure.


  1. How different is Dr Bhanumati on duty from your previous show FIR


Both the shows are very different with unique concepts. The current show is based on a hospital comedy where an army doctor will be seen curing patients in her own different way whereas FIR revolved around the lives of the policemen who tried to solve cases in their own way.


  1. Tell us something about the character you will be essaying on the show


I am playing a character of Dr. Bhanumati’s orderly. I will be seen accompanying Dr. Bhanumati wherever she goes. I am assigned as an assistant to her at work. You can say, just like a Jodi of Lord Ram& Lord Hanuman, I will be always seen with the doctor.



  1. You are teaming up with Kavita Kaushik after a long time. How has the experience working with her been so far?


Kavita and I haven’t worked with each other for almost a year now. We worked together in FIR for 9 years and I would definitely say it was a great experience and journey with her. We share a great rapport and bonding .We’ve spent a lot of time together and have shared great moments during our shoot. We, on the sets of FIR were like a family. I am really glad and excited for this new journey. I also feel that the audience is excited to watch our Jodi again on small screen. I get regular updates/requests/comments on the social media platforms that keeps me posted on the response that the show is getting.  I would really like to thank SAB TV, Mr. Anooj Kapoor and the production house for giving me another opportunity to work with them once again.


  1. Do you think actors who do comedy on screen get stereotyped in comic roles?


No. I don’t think so.


  1. One differentiating characteristic between your character in FIR and Dr Bhanumati on duty that you would like to highlight?


In FIR I was playing a role of havaldar and here I will be seen playing role of assistant to Dr. Bhanumati. There we had a Haryanvi touch to our accent and here we will be seen speakingin a Rajasthani accent. So basically, I would say that the difference is that I now play a doctor’s assistant as previously I essayed the role of a havaldar.


Anything you would like to add?


I would like to say, that I have waited for almost a year for the right opportunity and I feel the good time has arrived once again. Also, I have always worked for only SAB TV as of now and I am glad to share such a special relation with the channel. I hope the viewers enjoy watching our show and appreciate it.



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