Closing Bells now over as Geocities has shut down on October 26, 2009! The Stranded users and Web Sites have started seamlessly shifting on! announces seamless reactivation of the Geocities‘ stranded uses and Web Sites, for a limited period! Geocities had been extensively informing all of its users that their Web Sites, will be shutting down on October 26, 2009. Finally, the Geocities has Shut Down!
Though Geocities wanted to serve the users more, they could not help but say goodbyes. The site had touched the finish line and will always treasure the moment to be a part of everybody's lives. For the avid followers who have remained faithful to Geocities, it has been their pleasure to be of service to the users. The Archive Team's Geocities Project has kept all Geocities' pages documented to protect them.
Yahoo, once considered Geocities to be an "Internet Relic", has finally decided to take away the Geocities Web Sites‘ services. Nevertheless, for those who wanted to enjoy the services like Geocities, as one of the earliest social webs, they can hop over to to get latest and modern social sites.
Thus, October 26 will not be a closing day for Geocities fans, but an opening of discovering a new prospect such as where you‘ll have better, web 2.0, and stunning website with built-in social networking features such as photo sharing, video sharing, forum, blog, and more!
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