02, May 2016: To keep a good figure, you can not miss the golden times from March to May every year. Now it is time to get exercises. Riding to go for a spring outing is a good way. Selecting practical vehicles is necessary. Recently, Airwheel released Z5 standing up electric scooter, a new member in Z series products.

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From the exterior, we can see that Airwheel Z5 adopts the white as the main color with the black handrails, tyres and pedals, simple and fashionable. Moreover, Z5 electric scooter has a strong sense of line. However, there is big smart for Z5 except the fashionable element.


Perhaps, Z5 electric scooter does not have too many decorations of the skeleton. But in order to realize the folding function, Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults has some notable features in designing the folding joints. The main skeleton and the handrails are design as concealed joint so that it makes Z5 more portable and won’t influence the whole appearance. Z5 electric scooter for adults adopts the same design for the pedals of Z3 2-wheel electric scooter which conforms to the ergonomics.


Of course, if you have bigger demands for endurance, you also can be satisfied through the modular battery packages design of Z5 electric standing scooter. Riders can prepare more battery packages so as to upgrade the endurance. Furthermore, the battery packages are different from Z3. The cuboid battery package of Z5, instead of the cylinder design, is fixed in front of the pedals. Due to the lower gravity, riders will drive it more steadily. Besides, the high-efficient USB port on the battery package can charge to daily intelligent devices like iPhone, iPad or cameras etc.

There are two tiny details which have been got optimized, headlight and taillight. Both of them can safeguard the riding even you are driving in the dark environment.

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