Dana Point, CA January 10 -- Skin Care By Alana (http://www.skincarebyalana.com) warns that many treatments, machines, products and procedures touted for the care of serious skin conditions often do nothing to help. In many cases, they can actually make skin conditions worse or even damage the skin.

“We see the latest in ‘skincare’ all the time,” says Alana Mitchell, licensed aesthetician and owner of the Spa Alana and Skin Care By Alana. “We are dedicated to determining which products work well, which ones don’t and what to use for specific skin conditions,” she says.

During her more than 15 years in the skin care industry, Alana has determined that Epicuren, Image Skincare, La Bella Donna and Rhonda Allison are all excellent skincare products.

For example, Image Skincare products are created in FDA certified labs by chemists working closely with a board of physicians. Their products are free from paraben, a preservative that may have health risks. Epicuren products are based on a Metadermabolic enzyme. Combined with a waterborne solution of B vitamins, Epicuren helps skin self-rejuvenate. Rhonda Allison products offers skin care regimens for every skin type to help soften age lines, smooth coarser skin, minimize enlarged pores, reduce pigmentation, and maintain healthy skin. La Bella Donna makes purely mineral based cosmetics that have proven to be healthy to skin.

“It’s important to verify whether any skin care product performs as it should and that it is healthy for your skin,” says Alana. “Sadly, so many products on the market are questionable. It takes constant vigilance and testing to be sure products work well. That’s something we do here at Skin Care By Alana every day.”

About Skin Care By Alana
Skin Care By Alana is dedicated to the idea that healthy skin, like healthy teeth, requires the right products and the right cleaning and care every day. An outgrowth of Orange County California’s famous Spa Alana, a day spa dedicated to serious skin care, Skin Care By Alana offers the same high quality products, skin care advice and recommendations that Spa Alana clients benefit from every day. These quality products include Epicuren, Image Skincare, La Bella Donna and Rhonda Allison. For more information about Skin Care by Alana visit: http://www.skincarebyalana.com. For more information about Spa Alana, visit: http://www.spaalana.com