Heidelberg / Germany. In times where everything seems to get worse and more expensive, a small company from Heidelberg writes their own story of success in a market that did not exist before e-coaching in web 2.0 with all the online elements and worldwide offline support as a unique project.

It is difficult to name highlights, says founder and operator of the worldwide unique coaching portal from Heidelberg, Germany, Alexander Nastasi. Because naming some highlights would mean that something special is happening and one true fact is that the whole website is a special thing here some special points of success:

March 2008 The idea of the manifesting portal arises and is programmed in a short time and it goes online.
May 2008 The first e-coaching course starts with the name „power programming“ - its aim was to help people to discover their own aims again and to focus on them for the start, 150 online courses were given away for free they were given away in less than 10 days, which was a giant start into the new market and it again showed how necessary it was to start a portal like that.
July 2008 Three new courses are started in German, the so-called power courses (60 days) health, money and love. They are accepted from the first day.
August 2008 The first supporting handbook in printed form is published and is available on the website exclusively.
August / September 2008 The author Christian Reiland starts his online course „LOA the law of attraction“, according to his bestseller (German). It is the first time that telephone conferences are offered with a course.
September 2008 Graduate economist Heidi Wellmann starts her German online course „Feel happy in your job“, a 30 days coaching which deals basically with finding the perfect job or making the best of one's job.
Oktober 2008 Tanja Engelhardt offers her own course about bach flowers on the portal.
December 2008 The German online couse about desired weight is started because participants wished to have a course like that.
November / December 2008 Due to the run on the e-coaching portal, several moves of systems get necessary, also a new server and new programmes, christmas is basically spent with programming new interfaces in the office.
January 2009 The new portal starts with a giant opening promotion it shows how good the new systems work. The integration of additional companies makes a faster and better customer service possible.
June 2009 Start of an own YouTube channel for a better communication with internet users (http://www.youtube.com/alexandernastasi).
July 2009 The German portal offers free meditations which again expands the programme by meditative and autosuggesting material that are offered for free.
June 2009 Start of the new German taster course a free 3 days coaching.
March 2009 Tanja Engelhardt leaves the team because she has a change in her job.
May 2009 There is a big online party for the first anniversary of the German portal and many courses are given out almost for free at the same time the English manifesting portal (http://success.marketing-nastasi.de) is started, operated and coached by Julia Nastasi.
June 2009 The new handbook Manifestieren 2.0 Manifesting 2.0 is published in Germany and is now available with the ISBN 3839106389 in every book store, the delivery for the e-coaching portal is run with the biggest online book store Amazon only.
August / September 2009 Summer party on the German e-coaching portal with promotions of up to 50%.
September 2009 The new handbook is now also available on Amazon.com it now can also work as an addition to the English course and fill the gap with offline materail for the English coaching programme.

Who can use the e-coaching best ?
People who want to reach their aims, either in a defined area (winning or losing weight, financial matters, love, health / wellbeing, job). But also if one does not know where his way is supposed to lead him the 30 days online course will help him to find his way.

We can be excited what a success the two young entrepreneurs from Heidelberg will have but there is one thing that is quite clear: The two cannot be erased from the coaching szene 2.0.

More information on http://manifesting.marketing-nastasi.de

Weitere Informationen und eine Anmeldemöglichkeit gibt es auf der Webseite http://erfolg.seminar-service-nastasi.de

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Marketing Nastasi was founded in 2003 and runs several websites around the topic health and healthcare, in the year 2008, online e-learning was added as a new sector and has now become an essential part of the young entrepreneurs. Five books have been published by Alexander Nastasi, among them the last one Manifesting 2.0, an exercise handbook from the experience of 15 months of e-coaching.