In the recent years, the company Goldman Scarlato & Penny received widespread recognition for the prominent it has played in some of the nation’s leading cases about the violation of the federal and state consumer and antitrust laws. The company dug up those cases that were left pending in courts across the entire country.


In the recent years, the firm has been placed at the top of the market for its representation of some of the nation’s credit card holders involved in the 2013 hacking controversy. It may be recalled that the mentioned credit card holders who bought products from the Target, Inc. stores had been hacked of their private information, which includes the personal names and number of the credit card.  One of the most advantageous aspects of the firm in the past years has been the reputation of the Premera data breach lawsuit.The firm’s track history of successful lawsuits that it has handled had been reportedly one of the major reasons for its popularity. Close sources have also revealed that the firm has had successful lawsuits in some of the country’s leading cases which involve violations of the federal and the state consumer antitrust laws.


Reports show that Goldman Scarlato & Penny, P.C is especially appreciated and well known for its revival of pending cases which were neglected by the courts. The company is currently serving as the leading class counsel in most of the class actions like the re Nexium (Esomeprazole) Antitrust Litigation (D, Mass, 2012), (executive committee member): In Re NHL Concussion Litigation (D, Minn 2014) (executive committee member). Recent prosecution of securities in fraud claims in courts across the country by the firm has had a huge impact. The industries include giant pharmaceutical marketing companies, weight loss facilities, multi level marketers, manufacturing companies of hospital communication systems and many more. For more information please go to


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Goldman Scarlato & Penny, P.C is one of the nation’s leading law firm Investigation Premera Data Breach. The firm offers its professional aid to the potential claims by clients that could be brought on behalf of the Premera subscribers who have been informed through email or first class mail notice by the Premera that their personal information like social security numbers and private files have been accessed by hackers.

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