17, November 2014: There are pieces of old gold jewelry in lots of drawers or boxes that are often forgotten, even though they might be rather valuable thanks to the grand development of gold’s worth. While moving to another house, old pieces of precious jewelry, coins or medals are often found – their worth wases initially unknown. The 2nd generation family company Pasigo provides such consumers the live online Gold calculator – a first, virtual place to enter order to find out the worth of precious jewelry – at current, everyday worth– to create a most practical result. Only a few details are enough, in order to determine the worth of jewelry, antique gold, coins or dental gold. All that is required is to determine the weight, which letter scales can be made use of for. The worth of historic coins can be figured out online. The detailled list in the gold calculator makes attribution easier.

An expert viewpoint by experts is the 2nd step of gold purchase

Interested parties who find the result of their own computation very attractive, can utilize the comfortable purchase service of Pasigo: You can order an envelope for free online, with which you can send the pieces of gold to professionals for a professional viewpoint. Any individual is free to take the offer or to want the pieces of gold back intact, safe and totally free. In any case, the gold calculator can offer first tips at the true worth of the important things.

All is not gold that glitters, however it may still be important …

True to real words customers of Clients may look forward to a 100 % reliable and fair service, that is entirely free totally complimentary of risks. Due to the fact that ultimately each customer chooses whether or not to take the offer. Consulting with you by phone reveals the commitment for transparency and trust– no question will be unanswered. Except for gold precious jewelry, clients of Pasigo can also make use of these services for silver precious jewelry, platin and palladium. Looking at the practical live gold calculator shows in detail which forms of these important rare-earth elements (from bars to fashion jewelry) can be sent in.

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