Ironcally, it seems that in order to stay current with regard to fashion these days, it's necessary to go back in time. All the largest design houses are looking to past decades for inspiration, and it's no different at the House of LV with the Louis Vuitton Kanye West shoes . Designer Outlet Online Store offers some advice on how to look cutting-edge contemporary by going old school with the right sneakers.

1. Put on some Mr. Hudson's and a pair of shorts. There's nothing like a preppy boat shoe to evoke the glamorous past when millionaires lounging nonchalantly on their yachts in the watering-holes of the rich and famous. This kind of shoe is something that a suntanned millionaire would have worn while sweeping a voluptuous beauty off her feet back in the '50's. To channel this look, try the Mr. Hudson's Kanye West sneaker in grey or white, together with a pair of tailored linen shorts and a striped shirt.

2. Wear Don's and a leather jacket. Remember James Dean? There's nothing like a rebel without a cause to channel some strong, youthful passion and energy. Of course, Dean's look would never have been half as effective without the right clothes. Update his macho ensemble by keeping the black leather jacket and jeans but pairing them with the modern yet timeless Don's sneaker in a subdued colorway like anthracite grey. Accessorize with a pair of sunglasses.

3. Tuck skinny jeans behind a pair of Jasper's. The Jasper's sneaker is perhaps the most flamboyant in the Louis Vuitton Kanye West line. These high-tops are made with suede calf leather and come in white, grey, and pink variants. These are the perfect shoes to go clubbing in. The best way to wear them would be to tuck a pair of skinny jeans behind the high-tops, 80's style and finish off with a graphic tee or a nice hoodie.

The Louis Vuitton Kanye West shoes are a product of a collaboration between LV and rapper Kanye West. Each shoe design is made from the finest materials and comes in several colorways that range from the conservative to the eye-catching.

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