With over 22 years of providing Austin, TX and the surrounding areas the highest quality auto body repair and painting service, WHITAKERS Auto Body & Paint is continuing their commitment to be a responsible member of their community by converting to PPG’s Envirobase Waterborne Paint.

“Protection of our environment is everyone’s responsibility and we are doing our part by converting from petroleum based paint to environment friendly water based paint. This will greatly reduce voc emissions” said Larry Whitaker, President of WHITAKERS Auto Body & Paint . “We selected PPG’s Envirobase Waterborne Paint. PPG scientists understood early on that the auto body shop industry would have to move away from petroleum based paints and they took the steps to address the environmental issues by developing a water-based paint system that produced remarkable results.”

Long before most of North America’s body shops had even given thought to waterborne finishes, PPG was already immersed in it. That’s because PPG saw the environmental handwriting on the wall even before it was written and for the past two decades has been developing and refining its technological expertise in both North America and Europe.

That role was reinforced when, in 1992, they introduced the world’s first waterborne refinish system, an innovation that received the United Kingdom’s Queens Award for Technology in 1995.

PPG continued to add innovations to its waterborne offerings throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century. And in 1999, PPG placed its first brand offering, Envirobase®—a product of its best European and North American waterborne technologies—into body shops . Ferrari was so impressed that it chose Envirobase as its original equipment finish.

Family owned and operated, WHITAKERS Auto Body & Paint has been serving Austin drivers since 1989, now with two locations — one in central Austin at 2019 S. Lamar and one in Lakeway at 15303 Pheasant Lane. Their expertise and dedication is to provide the highest quality auto body repair service and products available.

WHITAKERS Auto Body & Paint uses the latest technology in estimating, collision repair , body work, auto painting, dent repair, bumper repair, and all other facets of auto body repair and they stand behind their work with a Lifetime Warranty.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment you can call, email or just drop by.

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