High Wycombe, Bucks — Available in two styles, Tibor and Colima, these chimineas have huge bellies that can hold the biggest logs, burn the biggest fires and give off the most heat compared to their smaller cousins.

Either towering chiminea makes the perfect outdoor heater for larger gardens or patios providing a statement feature as well as a practical solution to beating the traditional British Summer weather. The ideal conversation starter for social occasions, chimineas are perfect for gathering friends and family around and reclaiming the garden even on a winter’s day.

The Tibor Jumbo range stands at 134cm* tall with a diameter around the belly of 59cm. Tibor is available in glaze-effect cranberry /black, blue /green or in the ever-popular natural terracotta.

Colima Jumbo Mexican Chimineas are based on Chimineashop’s top selling regular Colima style. With a slightly squarer belly than their jumbo counterpart, Colima measures 53cm across but stands a further 2cm higher than the Tibor at 136cm*. Colima is finished in glaze-effect paint in either Aubergine or Ochre.

Prices for both styles are £149.47 (Price correct as of February 2013). Chimineashop.co.uk offers free delivery on all purchases.

*Height includes steel stand and matching lid.

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