With the rapid development of the modern city, more and more urban citizens are striving to find out a proper way to relax themselves in the wild. The advent of Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter has provided people with an excellent solution.

S-series scooters are ranked the most classic products of Airwheel Company among which S5 electric self-balancing Scooters are specifically designed for outside sports lovers. S5 has carried over the excellent performance characteristics of S-series products and been optimized in many aspects. This article below is going to simteins present some detailed features of S5 electric self-balancing scooters.

Intelligent electric core with twofold power supply
The Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter has been fixed internally with CKD Sony and Panasonic electric cores of battery. Cooperated with the high-tech CPU, S5 has achieved to be more powerful and intelligent. It takes just 0.03 second for S5 to make response to the signal CPU received. The optimized engineering technology has succeeded to ensure the accurate communication between battery and motor which made the vehicle twofold powerful and long lasting. Further, there are two electric cores fixed internally to make sure that the vehicle will be speeded off gradually when one the electric cores does not work normally.

Lithium battery revolution with the size reduced and volume enlarged
The lithium battery of S5 scooter is completely imported from Panasonic Japan which supplies the vehicle with stable and long lasting power. The battery weights about just 5KG and the usage life can be up to 5 years. The volume of the tiny battery is about 680wh and will be fully charged within 8 hours. The battery can be recharged about 1800 times.

Super safety insurance with quadruple protection integrated.
Over running protection, low electricity volume protection, vehicle leaning protection and battery electric core protection, all of the quadruple protection have been internally fixed within S5 electric self-balancing scooter to ensure the driving safety. Any failure of the vehicle will be monitored through the intelligent CPU and be reminded by alarming sound to make sure that the user will have a safe and joyful travelling with S5 scooter.

Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter is designed specifically for outside sports lovers to embrace the wonder of the wild out of the modern city.

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