United Kingdom; 27, April 2015: Water bottles are an essential item for all houses. These are required by almost each and every person. People carry water in water bottles while going to office and tours. Gloweasy Promotions offers a wide range of personalised water bottles produced to highest quality standards. It doesn’t support the environmental inefficiency of sourcing the bottles from overseas. All of their bottles are recyclable which reduces UK packaging wastes and landfill through their use as refillable bottles. Priority is given to manufacturing process and customer services.

There are jogger sports water bottles which are a suitable companion for those involved in any kind of sport activities. It has a capacity of 500ml and a height of 205mm weighing merely 64 g. It is available in pink and white colours to choose from. The bottles come with a print area of 85W x 80H. These are environmental friendly products and are suitable for all purposes. Custom designs and logos based on shows and events can be printed over the bottles. These are available in various shapes, sizes and colours.

Gloweasy Promotions has been accredited with the water bottles industry as a quality professional supplier. BPA is commonly found in a range of plastic products and water bottles are no exceptions. It is related to several health problems and often goes unnoticed. The UK water bottles company supplies bpa free water bottles and helps users in reducing their plastic footprint. These can be used as promotional bottles by keeping the logo and marketing message in front for the customers to view. Similarly, made out of biodegradable plastic it breaks down after the end of its useful life. With a capacity of 500ml, it has diameter of 74mm and available in translucent colour.

The personalised water bottles UK company has been associated with several companies as their supplier. It deals with wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers, vendors and individual buyers. It has a large stock of new and exclusive neon range of eye catching water bottles of 750 cc. These are very attractive water bottles in bold print colours wrap around the print area. It can be carried while cycling, running and exercising.

The personalised water bottle manufactured and supplied are 63 mm wide necked which allows for proper cleaning. Many water bottles available nowadays come with narrow necks which make it difficult in cleaning. However, that is not the case with water bottles supplied by Gloweasy Promotions has professionally fine tuned design team to work as per artwork supplied by customers.

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Gloweasy Promotions has variety of custom designed water bottles and supplies to wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers and individual buyers. It has been a certified and accredited manufacturer for many years. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.