Washington, DC; 19, February 2015: The development team at GlobalBoost® is pleased to announce they have made some new upgrades to their BSTY Digital Money Wallet. Along with making the code Qt5 compliant and updating the design, GlobalBoost® has added a block explorer, Bittrex currency exchange, anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo, and its entire Social Networks Managerâ„¢ platform available in wallet. 

“First order of business was cleaning the current code to make it Qt5 compatible.” Says GlobalBoost® CEO Bruce Porter, Jr. “This will help further development of BSTY, and the use of Yescrypt as an algorithm in Bitcoin based currencies.” 

“I would also like to announce that GlobalBoost® is offering Bitcoin & BSTY bounties for all commits to our GlobalBoost GitHub.” 

GlobalBoost® is a technology company headquartered in Washington, DC. They offer a variety of online products including a powerful social media advertising engine Social Networks Managerâ„¢. The advertising platform allows you to set timed planned posts with photo upload across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Tumblr, and Instagram. You can also leverage the platform to set auto responses, find unfollowers, target keywords, clients, and more. 

“We are continuing to develop the strength in capabilities of Social Networks Managerâ„¢ at this very moment.” Says CEO Bruce Porter, Jr. 

New developments of the advertising platform will continue to expand the products offering new ways to build your social media influence and engage your audience. Included will be more ways to earn and use $BST, $BSTY, Bitcoin, and fiat currency leveraging their proprietary tools. Currently Social Networks Managerâ„¢ is publishing a feed at https://GlobalBoo.st/status leveraging hashtags, user profiles, trending content, and more. 

GlobalBoost® BSTY is the 1st digital currency in the world to use Yescrypt as its proof of work algorithm. The company was inspired by a combat wounded veteran and offers free hands on help to disabled veterans. 

The company is unique in the cryptocurrency space offering real products, verifiable achievements, and recognizable leaders. They are using their currencies as stock to be invested and traded on the open market. Their website offers free online wallets for a variety of digital currencies, a cash out to US bank option, and easy to use GlobalBoost® WordPress Payment Gateway Plugin enabling credit card, PayPal, online check, and digital currency payments. 

“We are adding more currencies to the online wallets and GlobalBoost® payment gateway each month.” “Our most recent addition to the payment gateway is LiteCoin, and we have added UnitusCoin to the online wallets and set a bounty if they would like payment gateway integration.” 

GlobalBoost® continues to develop their suite of products including The Capital Currency Exchange https://Capital.GlobalBoo.st 

They are currently working on the API and plan to have the exchange available in wallet and via web in the near future with all currencies being used in their payment gateway. 

If you would like to see another currency added to the online wallets, Capital Exchange, or payment gateway please email requests to: [email protected]