Global Water Technologies Group SRL today announced that it has signed a contract with Embotelladoras Unidas Colombia to design and supply equipment for the plant of production in Bogota.Colombia. The company has also signed a contract directly with AJEGROUP for supply a plant of Tube ice machine with capacity of 50 Ton/day. A breakthrough for the Mexican beverage industry.

Main construction content of this project is as follows: main production workshop and its auxiliary production engineering raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, greenhouse, machine maintenance workshop and platform scale. Public engineering includes boiler room, dry coal shed, pump house, fire pool, impounding reservoir, sewage pool, substation and deep well. Service engineering includes comprehensive office building, garage and entrance guard. The project has factory area of 40,000m2.

Water Treatment sector is undergoing a rapid change on account of the entry barrier in the global market. In competitive and quality environment international level recognition has become need for every company for the longer-term growth. Every component of the quality system in the plant that meets the National and International standards has become necessity for today. Therefore every step of the project delivery from conceptualization detailed engineering to documentation have to be prepared to comply with the stringent regulatory requirements.

Water is our most precious natural resource. With only 3 percent of the world’s water existing as fresh water, nearly every continent is feeling the affects of the global water crisis. For some, it’s the lack of clean drinking water. For farmers, it’s the inability to feed the thirst of valuable crops. Just as “easy oil” has dried up, fresh water has become more difficult to access and transport.

Current Trends

To further gain markets, trends in bottled water include new product development, wide spread marketing and packaging efforts, and the emergence of new industries tapping into bottled water. While most all trends positively affect the bottled water industry, an increase in consumer knowledge about bottled water origins and tap water safety may emerge to momentarily halt or at least deter rapid industry growth.

New Products

The most conspicuous trend in the bottled water industry is the development and flooding of a seemingly never ending array of bottled water products. Among them are: bottled mineral water, spring water, sparkling water, artesian well water, purified water, distilled water, fluoridated water, calcium enhanced water, hyper-caffeinated water, protein enhanced water, vitamin infused water, mint flavored water, fruit-flavored water, hydrating water, and now even super oxygenated water and “cosmeceutical water.” One Australian company even extracts water from apples and oranges by freezing fruit juice and using a “pressure chilling” process to separate the fruit from the water.

Even though innovation has truly reconfigured the bottled water industry, the leading revenue source for the US bottled water market is still the unflavored sector, which generated total revenues of $13.2 billion in 2005 — equivalent to 88.5% of the overall market. In comparison, the sparkling unflavored sector was worth $1.2 billion which represented 7.9% of the market value share.

About Global Water Technologies Group

GWTG offers specialty rigid plastic packaging solutions to leading brands in the FMCG, Pharma and Food & Beverage segments, in domestic as well as export markets. Some of the companies we offer packaging solutions to include Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Cadburys, GSK, Nestle, Unilever, Pfizer and DelMonte. In 2008 GWTG entered the PET Preform segment with specific focus on the carbonated beverages, packaged drinking water, juices etc. Most recently, GWTG has entered the liquor and personal care segments. Some of the clients that we have started work with include Diageo, Bacardi, United Spirits Ltd, and Radico Khaitan.

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