Global Alternative Investments, a brand new travel website from the popular entrepreneur and lifestyle expert Shaun Akins which went live in early 2014, is fast becoming one of the most highly rated and frequented sites in the travel and tourism niche.

The new website, which has quickly attracted a loyal readership, features a collection of high quality resources aimed at the whole spectrum of travellers, from those who have never set foot on a plane before to those who have travelled around the world several times and have nowhere to call home.

Speaking about the Global Alternative Investments travel website, Shaun Akins said: “I have always loved to travel, whether that be 5 miles down the road or to other edge of the world, there’s just something about it that tugs at the soul and makes you feel well and truly alive.

“With the Global Alternative Investments travel website I wanted to capture the essence of this feeling, this spirit, and I sincerely hope I have gone some way to achieving this.

“The response so far — both with the public and travel aficionados — has been amazing and feel well and truly humbled by it all.”

Shaun Akins goes on to say: “For the rest of 2014 and over the coming years my goal is to grow Global Alternative Investments into a force to be reckoned with in the travel industry, so be sure to watch this space!”

Shaun Akins currently lives in Putney in South London with his husband Geoff and daughter Mimi.

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Global Alternative Investments is a travel and lifestyle website which was launched in early 2014 by the famous entrepreneur and travel enthusiast Shaun Akins. It is a one-stop-shop for the discerning traveller, providing articles and useful information pertaining to travel and tourism.

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