Glaziers Hall, located on the River Thames has long been a bastion for conferences and receptions. With spring fast approaching and the arrival of the social season, Glaziers Hall has released sage guidance on shortlisting venue hire in London .

Anybody who is holding a social event, whether it’s something special like a wedding or a more somber business event will need to explore venue hire options. In a city like London, that can be an extensive project to work on .

Your first consideration should be on which location you need your venue to be in. Without deciding this, you could end up travelling all over town, wondering which venue to hire. There is a wide variety of venues in Central London but sometimes the distance between them can mean a day of touring.

Your next consideration is with regards to how many guests or attendees you will be inviting. It would be pointless to take a venue for hire that is too small for the number of people, and something too large will not come across in the right way.

Most events, conferences and weddings have a budget to adhere to. If your budget is a little tight, then you should select three venues that pass the first two considerations. Sometimes people are pleasantly surprised that a venue that initially looked the most expensive could actually be the most cost effective due to the extras that come as part of the package.

Consider these aspects as part of your research:

Is there adequate parking or transport access for your guests? This is particularly important if you plan to hire a conference venue in Central London. You could be overwhelmed by the number of attendees and the lack of parking.

Is there a noise policy for the venue? Of course, how important this is to you will depend on what your london event venues is. You should also consider that outdoor space should also come with a ‘Plan B’ option in case of bad weather

Is the interior style of the venues in central london suitable for the event? Budgets cannot usually be stretched to provide decorations and they may also look out of place if they aren’t in keeping with the style of the venue hire. London has a wide variety of options, so there should be something available that suits your needs .

Once you have shortlisted your preferred venues to hire in the London area, then it’s time to compare budgets. You’ll need to go through each package offered by the venues to understand how they compare. This is usually best done in a spreadsheet. There may be some hidden costs and anomalies that you’ll need to follow up on. These may include questions such as:

- Are there additional expenses for use of different spaces at the venue?
- Are there enough tables, chairs and dining equipment such as cutlery and glasses?
- Are you happy with the quality of what is supplied? You don’t want to use shabby stock that has seen better days when you are trying to impress an important client or prospects. However hiring other equipment will raise your expense.
- What’s the staffing policy — will there be enough staff to cater to your guests?

Most venues in Central London prefer to use their own caterers — this could play a part in the cost and with the quality of the catering.

About Glaziers Hall:

Glaziers Hall is a conference venue in Central London . Located on the River Thames, it provides a variety of event spaces for private parties and business needs.

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