The Hire and Rental Industry Association, HRIA is asking its visitors to give a feedback about the services they have recently taken from the members of the association.
If you have recently hired something from HRIA, you can give feedback about your overall experience as this will help the members in improving their services. The Hire and Rental Industry Association is taking this step to improve the efficiency level of its advertisers/ service providers and to deliver higher customer satisfaction.
"HRIA has been created to provide quality hire and rental services at national and state levels. We provide contact details of an array of rental & hire service providers for you every need. By filling our feedback form, you will help us as well as the service providers in providing a better experience to customers. Though, we are getting a good response from our visitors but we are hoping that more service seekers will share their experiences with us. This will make HRIA and its member service providers in becoming a better customer oriented company," said Service Head of the Association.
Whether you are looking for excavator hire or an audio equipment hiring company for a party, Hire and Rental Industry Association is the trusted resource for getting the desired information.
The association has more than 700 members and the numbers are growing. Right from DIY hire to construction and general plant hire, you will find national multi-location companies and single owned-managed firms willing to give you services at best rates.
About The Hire and Rental Industry Association
The Hire and Rental Industry Association is providing referrals for all sort of services ranging from mini excavator hire to audio equipment hiring and vehicle rental services. The association serves as a platform for small & big scale companies to reach out to service seekers throughout Australia. More than 700 members are getting benefited from the exposure they are getting on the HRIA.
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