The Morgans were one of the most important families in American history. The Edward Morgan Log House was built between the late sixteen hundreds and the early seventeen hundreds which makes it one of the oldest log houses to be built in the state of Pennsylvania. The log home builders that are responsible for building the home are rumored to be one of Daniel Boone’s grandfather.

The custom log home is over three hundred years old and used to sit on over three hundred acres of land. The Edward Morgan log house was originally bought in early February during the seventeen hundreds. He retained ownership for around twenty years before he gave it to one of his children before he died. The house went through a number of owners until the late nineteen sixties when it was bought by its final owners. There is not a record of who the actual log cabin builders are since the land was sold to Edward Morgan with a house already built on it. Other custom log homes of this era are not similar in the overall look that the Edward Morgan house has.

The house is owned by the Towamencin Township, so that the historical value of the house can be preserved. The township also bought the remaining land with it in the nineteen seventies. The Towamencin Township then began renovations to restore as much as possible to the home itself. Both the doors and the roof of the house had to be reproduced although the original trusses for the roof were still intact. There is also a ruined barn that sits on the property. The home was restored completely by the mid nineteen seventies, which was three years after the house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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