After much waiting and anticipation Twitter users can now add more followers to their account by using a cheat tool. According to the programmers of the new hack tool, it is equipped with a simple user-interface for easy manipulation and supports anti-spam. Users can quickly add as many followers as they want in few minutes. Assuring genuine and active users, it also supports online security for safe browsing.

In order to use the Twitter Followers Hack tool, users will be required to provide their email address. Users can tick the number of followers they want on their account, ranging from 100 — 1000 and then click the button Add Followers. When the message Twitter Followers Successfully Hacked appears on the screen, it means it has been added to the account. To get more followers, users can hack again and again. The tool also has other additional safety measures which need to be activated before hacking.

These safety measures can slow down the speed of the hacking process; however, it provides complete online security. Users located in USA are advised to activate the Use Proxy option as it hides the IP address and removes all online traces. For Europe and the rest of the world, it is not mandatory. It also comes with two different modes — Safe Mode and Fast Mode.

Users can select any before the hacking process starts. For complete hacking success, users should choose the Safe Mode even though it takes more time. The Fast Mode is for those who want to add 1000 followers at a time. However, this mode provides fewer chances of followers being added to the account.

Twitter, the most-used social networking site has millions of users and according to online reports, thousands of users accounts are being hacked every day. Interested hackers can download the free Twitter Hack Tool and get large followers for online popularity. For more information please go to

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