The state of the current economy is enough to have a lot of people looking over their shoulder waiting to see when there is going to be a change for the better. Who isn't thinking it would be nice to have a little good luck on their side?

With the number of job losses and other economic hits most people have taken in the past year, many are turning to superstition to help them through this time. Sales of good luck necklaces and jewelry items has been on the rise in recent months, in part likely because of a hope for a little boost in the way things are going for most people.

When it comes to purchasing items like a sterling silver good luck bracelet, there are a couple of kinds of people who are purchasing these items the believers and the 'just in case' folks.

The believers are the people who see those designer charm necklaces in the store and think that the smartest thing they can do is buy one and keep it on their person. They believe in the power of the superstition and that if they keep the good luck necklaces on them that they will be able to counter any bad luck coming their way and even maybe get a little rush of good luck.

The other type of people are those who do not really believe in superstitions as a rule, but have an 'it can't hurt' mentality about the whole thing. While they may not totally buy into the fact that wearing a sterling silver good luck bracelet will help them ward off bad luck or help them bring good things to themselves, they figure if it looks good that perhaps, if there just so happens to be something to this, that they can take advantage of it.

So, as people consider purchasing good luck necklaces and other pieces of similar jewelry, they also want to be wearing something that is attractive. This is how a whole world of designer charm necklace sets and other items has been created. A sterling silver good luck bracelet, for example, may not only have a few good luck charms but also a number of other dangles and decorative pieces that make it as beautiful to wear as it is a good luck charm.

Now, when most people see words like designer charm necklace, they think that as soon as the word designer is added that means something is going to cost a fortune. This is something they don‘t want to deal with, as they are already worrying about the economy and other money problems, so why would they spend so much?

Companies like are aware of this thought process and have designed jewelry lines to deal with this. Their designer good luck necklaces and sterling silver good luck bracelet and other items are specifically meant to look like they cost a lot more than they do so you can have the style, good luck, and still keep it affordable.

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