(Free Press Release) In the midst of a busy day, where Samir Sharma, who is popularly known as Rishabh of Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, takes out some time for a chat to let us know what he feels about the events in Rishabh‘s life. “Rishabh has grown as a character. He is confident, has the ability to get what he wants and at the same time he does not recognize the value of relationship. With what had happened to him in the past, he always considered money as more powerful than anything else and hence wanted to acquire it as much as he could. He had all the luxuries he could get, but still he was not at peace with himself.” But this young, rich, spoilt man, married Rani who is a contrast to Rishabh. “Rishabh wanted to just get rid of Rani, as he was blindly in love with Anjali, who was with him only because of the money. Rani took care of him as a loving wife and tolerated all his bad behavior with a smiling face. That‘s when the transition started happening. He started realizing how frivolous Anjali was and how Rani stood by him. Samir says, “Rishabh‘s entire transitional sequence is close to my heart, where Rishabh tries to kill Rani, and the realization dawns and the transformation happens. I feel, as actors we come across various human traits and we learn from it. People react in a particular situation because they feel it‘s correct for that situation. But later when they introspect, they realize what‘s actually correct and this phase of metamorphosis has made Rishabh what he is now.”
About his experiences of being associated with the longest running show, he says, “I am so glad that I got this opportunity. When I got a call from Rajshri, I wasted no time in saying yes for the role. It‘s such a wonderful experience to have been associated with them. Thanks to them, I could experience the emotions of living with a joint family. It is always a full house here. In between shots there is a lot of masti happening here. It‘s like a family away from a family.” About other characters, he says, “All the characters are finely edged, but I find Tauji (Harishchandra) and Payal‘s characters interesting and of course Reena as Rani, is doing a beautiful job. The most adorable character is that of Suhasiniji, who plays my Dadi…”
This book lover became an actor by chance, “I was into advertising earlier. I was behind the scenes until I started acting. It‘s like a challenge now to come and give your best every day. Yes, sometimes it is very tiring working for long hours being a daily show.” When not working you can find Samir at home relaxing with his wife , listening to music or reading a Sci-Fic book!
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