It is undoubtedly a daunting task to decide where to get the weight loss surgery done especially when you are traveling abroad for weight loss surgery. The options are plenty, but you want to make the most informed decision. Weight loss or Obesity surgery is one of the most important decisions of your life and you obviously want to choose the best available option. 

With India becoming the most popular destination for obesity surgery aboard, there are plenty of options available in India for obesity surgery. There are many medical tourism companies in India and you want to choose the best and most professional company to organize your weight loss surgery in India. IndiCure is one of the leading companies and understand your requirements and expectations well. IndiCure has arranged weight loss surgery in India for patients from many countries. 

In our endeavor to make it even easier for you, IndiCure has made it simpler for you to avail weight loss surgery in India with best bariatric surgeons in India. The process to avail weight loss surgery in India can be now availed in three simple steps. 

Step One

Fill in the online form at and a quick query form at . The Case managers from IndiCure shall get back to you with the best weight loss surgery option as well as with the surgeon’s and hospital options for you. You shall also be provided with the hotel and serviced apartment options as per your liking and budget after discharge from the hospital.  You can ask as many numbers of questions and clarify all doubts with your case manager about weight loss surgery in India. 

Step Two

Confirm your bookings by confirming the dates available with your case manager and book your air ticket. Fill in the booking form at . Your case manager shall provide you with complete information about how to prepare for the surgery, your treatment plan, all pre departure information and everything you would need before you start on your journey for weight loss surgery in India. 

Step three

Your arrival and weight loss surgery in India. You would have a detailed face to face discussion with your bariatric surgeon in India followed by a battery of pre operative investigations like blood tests, ecg, X-ray to make sure that you shall have no problem with anesthesia. You shall also have an examination and discussion with the anesthetist before the surgery. You would stay at the hospital for about 3-4 days and then for a week in India before you can go back after your weight loss surgery in India. It is good to stay for a week after the surgery to make sure you are progressing well after the surgery. The dietitian shall guide you in detail about the diet after bariatric surgery. 

You would meet the surgeon once or twice even after you are discharged from the hospital so as to doubly make sure that you are on the right path of recovery following weight loss surgery in India. All your inland transfers shall be arranged in an air conditioned car. On the day that you have to fly back, you shall be dropped back at the airport. You can also combine your weight loss surgery trip with a tour to an exotic destination in India like Rajasthan, Goa or Kerala. You could also pamper yourself in one of the Ayurveda spas in India.

For more information and assistance with planning your weight loss surgery in India write to [email protected]  or call at +919818462127 or +919320036777.