Microfiber sheets is the most effective solution to insomnia.

For the management of insomnia, a recent study found that practical changes on sleeping habits and choice of sleeping items (like changing bed sheets with artificial fiber to one with natural fiber such as Egyptian cotton sheets queen) can be more effective than taking sleeping medications.

In a peer-reviewed article published at the BMC Family Practice, a family medicine research journal, researchers discussed the effectiveness of practical modification of lifestyle in beating insomnia. In the study, researchers found patients who were teaching about important information about sleeplessness can greatly improve sleep habits.

Researchers explained that the best way of treating insomnia is through empowerment of patients through proper health education. They added that teaching patients how to make excellent and independent lifestyle choices for themselves is a great leap for beating insomnia for many. For instance, teaching patients which blankets, pillows, and bedding to buy can help in improving the sleeping habits of people.

Especially for choosing bed sheets, experts stressed the importance of teaching patients to choose bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton. The researchers discussed that Egyptian cotton sheets queen are made from very luxurious cotton fibers well known throughout the world for softness. Another thing, cotton-made bed sheets are naturally hypoallergenic. Because it is made from 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton sheets queen do not cause allergic reaction for people with hypersensitivities unlike with most sheets made from synthetic fiber. Lastly, cotton bed sheets are made from tightly woven fiber, which allows it to naturally repel drops of liquid on the bed sheet’s surface, making stains from contact with liquid virtually impossible.

Other important lifestyle choices to stop insomnia are exercising regularly, avoiding caffeinated drinks a few hours before sleeping, and maintaining a strict schedule for sleep.

With the right kind of information, people with poor sleeping habits can learn how to get back their sleep with Egyptian cotton sheets queen.
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