There are times when one suffers from some kind of skin ailments and the most common among them is pimples. They are such unwanted conditions that can turn anyone’s day into a nightmare if reaches its peak condition. At times people get so irritated with such pimples that they tend mishandle such condition and the end result is a more severe condition. So the proper handling of such a condition is essential in order to eradicate this skin condition from the body so that it could never occur again. 

Now the reason as to how such skin condition occurs is important to know before knowing the details as to how to remove pimples. The most common factor among such skin conditions is over secretion of sebum in our body by the sebaceous gland. The factors that constitute for over production of sebaceous secretion can be attributed to the existence of certain conditions. When too much secretion is produced by sebaceous gland, the dead cells underneath the skin may not rise towards the surface of the skin. On the other hand if dirt gets collected in such condition, it tends to the formation of microbes. The follicle inside the skin gets inflamed due to collection of dirt and dead cells leading to the formation of zit. Development of pus also may occur if microbes are present. Among the other contributing factors for pimples are abnormal hormonal secretions, reaction that may occur due intake of certain medications, genetic condition or use of some kind of cosmetic products. 

Now coming to the solution of how to remove pimples from one’s body, the solutions are plethora. So one has to choose the best according to the personal preferences. While using chemical solutions to eradicate pimples it is always advisable to consult a specialist. Chemical peel is one such procedure in which chemical substance peels away the top layer of skin thereby removing impurities and preventing them from occurring. Antibiotics may also be used which eliminate bacteria that are formed around the area of follicle and the most common being Erythromycin. Some topical solution can also be used to cleanse pimple which heal the affected area. One can also induce some natural habit that helps in attacking the root problem of pimples. One should wash his/her face in the morning and night as it facilitates removal dead cells. Usage of cosmetics that oily should be avoided as it clogs one’s pores. Hands carry germs so one should avoid touching face. Intake proper vitamins helps rejuvenate skin especially vitamin C and E with proper exercise. Some homemade solutions as to how to remove pimples are garlic, papaya in raw form and egg white. These can be applied on face for few minutes in their juice condition and can help eliminate dirt and rejuvenate the skin. 

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This skin condition can aptly be treated if proper care is taken and prevented from re-occurrence. The remedies mentioned are worth to be undertaken and it is definitely an answer to how to remove pimples. 

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