30/01/2020, Delhi: Any kind of disorder or malfunctioning occurs within the esophagus to the rectum (known as gastrointestinal tract) and the accessory digestive organs, liver, gall bladder and pancreas, all are collectively referred as Gastrointestinal Disease.

Some of the gastrointestinal conditions that require surgical treatment to cure are Appendicitis, Colon cancer, and other gastrointestinal cancers, Gallbladder disease, Diverticular disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Hiatal hernias, Hernia, Rectal prolapse, and so on.

Gastrointestinal Surgeons are the professionals to take care of any kind of upper gastrointestinal surgery and colorectal surgery. Upper gastrointestinal surgery includes any kind of surgery on the esophagus (gullet), stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and small intestine. One the other hand, the lower gastrointestinal surgery or colorectal surgery includes large intestine and rectum related disorders.

India has become a desired destination for a number of foreign patients to have their Gastro Surgery not only for affordability but for the availability of experienced and skilled surgeons to handle any kind of gastrointestinal disorders. All of the expert Indian Gastrointestinal surgeons are trained from the best international and national institutes to provide the best treatment facilities to their patients. Best Gastrointestinal Surgeons in Mumbai are well known for their ability to handle numbers of complex cases with efficiency and providing a successful cure. Some of the top Gastrointestinal Surgeons in India are Dr. Soumil Vyas, Dr. Anil Deshpande, Dr. Subhash Agal, Dr. Dattaprasanna R. Kulkarni, Dr. K P Madhukar, Dr. Vedant H Karvir, Dr. Mehul Choksi, Dr. Sachin Wani, Dr. Ameet Mandot, Dr. Imran Shaikh, Dr. Vibha Varma, Dr. Sanjay Singh Negi, and so on.

To accompany the efficiency of the Indian surgeons, the country also has a number of super-specialty hospitals to offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment services. Top hospitals with cutting edge technology and infrastructure are equipped to provide high-quality healthcare facility to international and domestic patients every year in Mumbai, India. Every year, a number of international patients come to avail of the low-cost gastrointestinal surgery in Mumbai and fly back to their home after a successful cure. Some of the well-reputed hospitals in Mumbai offering gastrointestinal surgery at the best price are Jaslok Hospital, Care Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, World Gastroenterology Institute, Wockhardt Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Kohinoor Hospital, and so on.

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