Jacksonville, FloridaWristbands have somewhat become a trend in the modern day. They can be worn to add class and style to the appearance of an individual plus they are even sold at a cheaper rate. But wouldn‘t it be beneficial if it helped individuals to get rid of the positive ions from the indoor and outdoor environments? Energy Armor is a family owned business that is a leading manufacturer of wellness products around the world. They have over 150 kiosk locations in the USA and are one of the largest distributors network in USA, Canada, UK and the Middle East. They sell revolutionary, life technology which individuals can wear on their wrist, around the neck in order to shield themselves from overwhelming positive ions in the indoor and outdoor environments.


Energy Armor Wristbands are fashionable among the youth and is becoming popular among people of all ages. They are available in different colors and individuals can choose the preferred one by visiting the company website. The rates at which these bands are sold are reasonable and can be afforded easily. They even vary is sizes and are available from small to extra large sizes. The wristbands are made of extremely durable medical grade silicone that provides long-term comfort and yet stylish appearance while being functional at the same time. The bands are infused by a special process with negative ions which have been extracted from volcanic ash. The process ensures that the power bracelets will maintain the benefits which negative ions provide longer than any other products.


The infusion of ions creates the balance which an individual needs from environments that give out too many positive ions in the atmosphere. Computers, high voltage devices, heating units, etc. tend to emit too many positive ions. The wristbands offered by Energy Armor help people to shield these imbalances. Many existing customers from around the world have reported increased levels of energy, no more mid-day crashes of fatigue, increased strength, focus and balance. Other than wristbands, the company also offers headbands, dog tags, chains, earrings and many other items to help individuals keep away from positive ions.


Energy Armor is determined to expand their retail visibility as a result of which they are developing a new e-store and web front to educate people and give access to buying their products without any hassles. With the use of their products, people can get the edge they to achieve success. People can visit http://www.energy-armor.net/ where products can be purchased at an affordable rate.