London, UK, January 14, 2013 — Estelle Brown of the health blog announces the launch of its Capsiplex video reviews, which will join the already successful weight loss review series on YouTube. 

“I have just made a video review for Capsiplex as I think YouTube is an excellent medium to communicate, and it is becoming the preferred method for people to look up reviews, particularly for weight loss” says Estelle. 

“Everyday we are seeing more and more of our readers opt to watch our videos rather than read our blog. Video does seem to be the wave of the future on the internet, and the information on our videos just serves to complement the information that we already have on our blog”. 

“It makes complete sense when you think about it, as a review does seem much more genuine when you can see a person talking and giving their review, rather than some faceless words on a webpage. Also, it is easier to sit back and watch a video. This format is also easier for phones, as it is so easy for anyone to watch a YouTube video on the go” adds Estelle. 

The latest review video entitled ‘Capsiplex, Surprising Research into what Capsiplex REALLY is’ discusses exactly why Capsiplex can help us to lose weight, how it works and how much weight we can expect to lose when taking this supplement. 

Capsiplex contains chilli which can be very powerful for weight loss. It has been known for decades that chilli is good for weight loss, but it is only now that the technology is available for us to be able to take chilli in a supplement form. Chilli is a great fat burner, and it also suppresses the appetite and detoxes the body, so it is a very effective and healthy method of losing weight. 

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