With modernization and development in the field of Information and Technology security concerns have grown to heights. Every organization, be it private or governmental now need ultra modern security equipments to safeguard their infrastructure and lives. http://www.hytera.co.uk/ a subsidiary of Hytera Telecommunications Co., Ltd. has promised better and reliable communication equipments. They will be doing this by providing walkie talkies of different operating systems for different use. These communication equipments are useful for emergency, security, commercial and public use.

Such advancements are resourceful and promise better and secure future to the public of the UK. For security systems there must never be interruption and that is why the company has used repeaters for almost all types of communication devices. The company also has licence free radio (PMR 446) systems that can be used by small group or company for their security and cost free communication. Such systems are free but their range is few kilometres, but for companies that work in one location these radios (transceiver) very useful. The latest addition to this device is DMR system sets.

The company http://www.hytera.co.uk/ also has digital two way radios / 2 way radio with latest digital trunking systems. These systems help the fire-fighters, cops and military of the UK to communicate to their group at a time and that too without any communication barrier or interruption. Almost all the security agencies in the UK use VHF radios that work on the same trunking concept.

There is no end to innovation and technology, people evolved in research and development (R&D) of such technologies constantly update their systems. In olden days professional mobile radio (PMR radio) was very common, but now with time it has been updated to DMR radio (digital mobile radio). DMR radio system is just an open digital radio standard of PMR radio that operates on frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz. Different types of operating equipments can be used in both the systems. Hytera X1e, a covert radio is one of the best examples of DMR system. These types of covert radios are durable, easy to use, and have full RF power.

Terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) systems are the best transceiver PMR radios. These types of radios are used by all security agencies and are also feasible for common public use. It is useful for both one to one communication and group communication. Such mobile radios are also capable of sending status messages and all at low rates.