There are numerous companies that manufacture papad making machines in India their factory. Kirtiraj Equipment is one of oldest company that provides different papad making machines to their clients. The company delivers different papad making machines across the globe. Whether you have a small business or large business, papad making machines are always helpful in growing and expanding your business.

Kirtiraj Equipment provides different types of papad making machine which helps in enhancing your business as well as machines helps in preparing the same quality and size of papads. So each time when you can deliver high quality papads as per your client requirement.

The first stage for preparing papad is combining the papad ingredients. The combine machine which is also known as Flour Kneading Machine is basically designed for small business. This machine is used for mixing the ingredients with dry flour as well as making the roll of combined ingredients. In approx. 3 minutes nicely knead flour is ready in the form of the roll.

Papad Dough Mixing Machine is very useful to prepare the dough for making papad. With the help of this machine the ingredients of papad are blend into a homogenous mixture. The mixture promotes the hydration which ensures the surface the flour particles that interact with water. Kirtiraj papad flour mixing machine is designed in such a way that it gives kneaded dough by mixing the flour by mixing other ingredients properly.

Dough is than sent to Papad Sheet Making Machine which is one of the essential step. The proper kneading of the dough gives a soft, bright, lighter as well as colored papad. The Papad dough is than converted into a fine sheet. Kirtiraj Equipment provides papad sheet making machine in various sizes which cope up with the demand of the production.

Automatic Papad Making Machine from Kirtiraj Equipment which helps in preparing different sizes of papad by rolling the papads and giving definite shape and size to it. The dough is inserted in the nip of the sheet roller where it passes between the rollers and that dough is press into thin fine sheet of papad. Once the sheet is prepared thereby it is transferred to up belt and then on to the die cutting belt where papads are formed and these cutting dies are available in different sizes. The excess dough is either collected or transformed directly to the sheet roller or even it is recycled and the process goes on continuously. The final stage comes up where papad are sent to packing.

Flour Kneading Machine makes the production speedy which is determined by the slowest process and dough kneading slows the papad production process. Flour kneading machine is an important component of a fast as well as efficient production process.

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In the year 1983, Kirtiraj Equipment was established. The company is well known for manufacturing papad making machines. The company deals with national as well as international clients. Kirtiraj Equipment manufactures different types and sizes of papad making machine.

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