London, UK, March 3, 2013 — RW Marketing announce a review of popular weight loss supplement Capsiplex Plus. “RW Marketing created this video review to help fully inform customers about the pros and cons of the product, how it works, and what results are realistically achievable” says M Brownlee, a freelance writer living in the UK.

“Many people struggle to achieve the weight loss they desire using traditional diet and exercise plans alone. Though there are many products on the market designed to help people lose excess body fat, it can be confusing and frustrating trying to decide which one to use.” Capsiplex has received a lot of media attention and has been used successfully by UK glamour model Nicola McLean who says “I knew I had to lose my post pregnancy weight as quickly as possible but not at the expense of my health. Capsiplex offered everything I wanted and having researched the ingredients online, I knew I was making the right decision. ”

The product is also free from man made chemicals and has no known side effects. The list of ingredients include Caffeine Anhydrous, Niacin, Piperine, and the main active ingredient Capsicum Annun L which is extracted from the Capsicum Annum plant that produces chilli peppers. This extract has been shown to help speed up an individual’s metabolism causing them to burn calories faster the normal.

The manufacturers of the product says “Capsiplex’s process loads a high-strength capsicum extract into an inert central core. The unique outer coating is designed to withstand the low PH level of the stomach so it stays intact until the Capsicum extract is released in the higher PH levels of the intestine, where no discomfort is felt.”

While there are testimonials from users online, RW Marketing has conducted an independent review of the supplement to determine how effective it really is.

Capsiplex is produced by Advanced Health Ltd based in the UK. For more information regarding the product and a full Capsiplex review, please visit