Get Out, Explore is currently building an online community and is looking for writers, photographers, bloggers who are currently participating or would like to participate in media publications in Overland (Vehicle Based Expedition)/Dual-Sport Travel, Camping, Outdoor Activities with Children/Family, and Adventure Travel. We are also looking for others that would like to get involved with the internet marketing and social side of the community. As part of the community participants can take advantage of the benefits listed below. This is will be a community of blogs and industry news sites consisting currently of:

Get Out, Explore
- Equipped List
- Adventure Parenting
with more sites being planned as well.

We are looking for enthusiastic people to participate in this volunteer program to become influencers and teachers of people with a passion for these types of outdoors activities. We are looking for people who are willing to do the following:
- Allow republishing of blog articles and videos on our sites.
- Create original content to include:
Overland Travel /Vehicle Based Expeditions
o Dual-Sport Travel
o Travel Reports
o Photo Essays
o Camping
o Gear Reviews
o Preparing for Trips
o Emergency Preparedness
o Photography
o Cooking Recipes
o Activities to do with the family and children
o Travel Tips
o Survivalist Tips
o Camping Tips
o Vehicle Modifications/Repairs
o Adventure Travel
o Eco Travel
o Volunteer Work Abroad
o Anything Else You Think Would Be Interesting
- Participate in Social/Internet Activities
o SEO/Internet Marketing
o Pinterest
o Facebook
o Twitter
o Forum Volunteer


As part of this community we are organizing we are offering a way to become an insider within the industry, and as part of being an insider we are offering large discounts on many of the products that you would be using for the adventures you would share. We are currently working on acquiring discounts on 1000s of products ranging from name brand camping supplies, and clothing to name brand vehicle modification parts. We also want to build a strong sense of community of like-minded individuals and a larger audience for people to share their experiences and knowledge.

We at Get Out, Explore are excited to build a community of influencers and promote the outdoor lifestyle, overland/dual-sport travel, and adventures with families. If you would like to be part of this community please contact us by filling out the following form at and tell us about yourself and how you would like to get involved. Feel free to include your website if you have one or pictures and examples of your writing. If you don’t have any thing to send and want to be involved let us know and we are more than happy to hear from you. So Get Out and Explore.

About Us:

Get Out Explore is a company that is dedicated to helping you prepare for and plan adventures that you and your loved ones will be talking about for years to come. We are a resource to help you search out unique trails and back country routes that will suit your tastes and further your adventure skills. We specialize in travel that is a bit off the grid. Our experience is that nature is at its finest when you don’t have to share it with 500 other people. The nice thing is that with our gear you won’t have to feel like you are miles from civilization. We are here to help provide the creature comforts in a form that can still get back in off the pavement. If your interests lie in exploring the local highways and byways, and trails near you we can help. Alternatively if you are planning a multi-country 6 month long trek through unfamiliar terrain, we are there for you as well.

Kyle Fowers
Get Out, Explore LLC
[email protected]