The late nineties saw the formation of a highly controversial series that aired on HBO, Sex and the City. The series gained so much following and Carrie the lead character played by Sarah Jessica Parker became overnight the idol of every girl. Every single girl that watched that show associated with Carrie in one way or another.

At Get Name Necklaces we have started a feature on the Carrie Necklace. The Carrie Necklace was a unique piece of jewelry worn by the actress portraying the character Carrie. Not only did the character associate with the uniqueness of her name on the necklace it was also a symbol of what it stood for her and the meaning of who she believed she was.

Due to the popularity and the rigorous association that women all over the world have formed with Carrie and her necklace, our role is to give those women a tiny token that symbolizes that relationship and association.
Like Carrie said in the series itself when she once lost the necklace, that it wasn’t worth anything really monetarily but it was what it stood for and where she had gotten it which was important to her. The importance of certain items in one life hold great value and this is what that necklace held for Carrie.

Our aim is to provide that same scintillating feeling of association and warmth that the Sex and the City fan base felt about the necklace by providing it to be worn readily. Over the years we have received countless requests to create it on personalized orders and thus we have finally introduced it as a regular mainstream product on our website due to people’s constant demand for it.

The Carrie necklace( is a symbol for most women of a time where they were young and living their lives to the fullest, thus by wearing it they not only become happy they feel a strong bond with a character they once associated with and joined their lives with. Sex and the City aired on HBO for six years and during that time it has left an impactful impression on the lives of most girls and women. It still has a continued viewership being one of the most successful women oriented series ever. And girls now who were hardly five when that first aired find themselves associating once more with Carrie and her friends.

At Get Name Necklaces we are providing that bond and nostalgia with one of the world’s most beloved characters whose name is a brand in its own and the feeling of what it stands for still sparks reflective behavior in most women today. At Get Name Necklaces we are committed to providing exactly what you ask for at competitive costs and assure you of the quality and perfection of every product that we deliver; especially those that hold a strong value in most women’s’ hearts to this day and has been a source of comfort and amity among the women.