Honolulu, Hawaii - Seven out of 10 consumers trust an online review as much as they do a review from a friend or family member, according to USA Today. Unfortunately, many people only take the time to review a business when they’ve had a bad experience.

“The biggest issue with review sites is that customers rarely go to the web to share their positive experiences,” says Cynthia Miller of BiggestReviews.com. “Because of this, many business owners today feel their online reputation is often misleading and detrimental to their bottom line.”

BiggestReviews.com is a revolutionary technology that provides small to medium sized business owners the ability to quickly and conveniently obtain valuable feedback and reviews from their customers before they even leave that place of business. Once obtained, these reviews can be easily posted to social media pages and review sites across the web in order to better inform consumers and to help improve the online image of businesses that feel they are misrepresented.

Until BiggestReviews.com, small and medium sized business owners did not have a turn-key solution to collect and publicize valuable reviews and feedback. Now businesses owners can take control of their online presence and publish the positive feedback that their customers provide.

Businesses can now sign up within minutes at BiggestReviews.com

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