Commercial liability insurance is undoubtedly an automated business risk manager for every manufacturing and non-manufacturing business ventures but there prevail several misconceptions about it. In general terms liability insurance is stated as protective shield against lawsuits in case of injury at work place, specifically in a manufacturing company. This is true that manufacturing companies have more potential for such abrupt mishaps due to usage of power generated complex machinery but this doesn't mean that non-manufacturing business ventures are not vulnerable to such risks. Exactly like the degree of risk involved in manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies, the liability insurance too differs for the two. Any independent insurance company can offer numerous insurance plans covering various business risks while entrepreneurs just need to identify suitable plans befitting their needs.

Commercial liability insurance itself is a stack of insurances related to general liability, property liability, business owner policy and business interruption although there are several other facets like personal and advertising injury, defense costs, workers compensation and medical expenses. Not necessarily every manufacturing company or a retailer may require all the insurance covers. For instance the general liability insurance is solely aimed at manufacturing plants for protection from physical injury lawsuits and property loss. On the other hand business owner policy insurance is designed for protection from claims subjected to property loss or physical injury caused by non-action or unjustified policies framed by management of any retail or manufacturing company.

The selection of insurance plans also depends upon varied extent of risk factor involved in big plants accommodating heavy machinery or a fabric manufacturer. The biggest flexibility commercial liability insurance renders is you can expand its scope by instilling business interruption insurance, property liability insurance or defense costs for the greater safety coverage in future.

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