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IMDb starmeter ranking

Usually fans of film and TV use IMDb to determine the current standings of the actors and actresses. IMDb is mainly used by actors in the film industry however casting directors, agents and other film and TV professionals also use it. It is proven that most casting directors look up on IMDb profile of an actor within seconds of receiving a submission and they call the actor for auditions.

The Starmeter is a ranking of every actor based on their popularity on internet. However, a number of casting directors in the film industry use an actors’ IMDb starmeter ranking in their pitches to producers and such on what actors to get. In order to help people get some (very unscientific) bars, experts have given below observations made on diverse “levels” of starmeter rankings:

1,000,000 or below: Was probably in a family video that somehow made it on IMDb.
1,000,000 – 200,000: Just another actor
200,000 — 100,000: Just another actor who’s makin’ things happen
99,999 — 15,000: User might still be a waiter, but he probably takes time for career to do things like read this blog post
14,999 — 1,000: This is generally working actor territory
999 — 1: It means the person is working a lot and has good chance to be repped by one of the big 5 agencies…or are about to be. Alternatively, these candidates were recently on the cover of National Enquirer


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