United States of America; 12/19/2013: The field of astronomy is making advancements. But this advancement would have been a dream, if there were no quality astronomical instruments that aid in the study. Even in the optical field, the world has made a drastic progress. This has been possible due to the new and advanced instruments that are being invented each day. DCHCoast is a company that deals in the manufacture and selling of optical as well as astronomical instruments. The portfolio of products that the company shows is large and includes astronomical telescope, laser rangefinder, monocular, binocular, laser rangefinder, and others.

Laser rangefinder is an instrument that aids in measurement of the distance for a particular object. It uses the technology of laser for determining the distance. DCHCoast offers various types of laser rangefinders and the commonest of the type is a device that works on the principle of time of flight. The Laser Rangefinder sends a narrow beam of laser pulse to the object and records the time that is taken to be reflected from the object and sent back to the sender. The device in various forms finds its use in varied fields such as military, modelling, forestry, sports, industry production processes, and laser measuring tools.

Binoculars are instruments that magnify the distant objects which are otherwise beyond the sight of naked eye. The binoculars available at DCHCoast consist mostly of the ones that are held in hands. As opposed to monoculars, binoculars offer a three dimensional image of the object. The sizes differ starting from opera glasses to large military models mounted on pedestals. The company sells various kinds of binoculars that include Galilean binoculars and prism binoculars. They sell astronomical binoculars too, which are large and placed on pedestals. The zoom binoculars available from the company are handheld devices which are used to see magnified images of distant objects. The anti-reflexive coats reduce the light loss at each surface. The devices are meant for use in varied fields like range finding, military, and astronomical.

The basic purpose of a telescope is to magnify the distant objects in visible light. DCHCoast offers three different kinds of telescopes that include reflectors that use mirrors, refractors that use lenses, and catadioptric telescopes that make use of mirrors and lenses in combination. The astronomical telescopes available at the company are of two different types that include refractor telescopes and Newtonian reflector telescope. The refractor astronomical telescope makes use of lens for the formation of image. The Newtonian telescope is a kind of reflector telescope that makes use of flat diagonal secondary mirror and concave primary mirror. The company also sells other optical products.

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DCHCoast is a company that manufactures and sells astronomical and optical instruments. The product portfolio is large and includes monoculars, binoculars, laser rangefinders, and telescopes among others. The company also offers optical parts. For more information about the products, visit the website.

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