Clifton, NJ — Professional local personal trainers from Clifton, NJ decided to share their decades of experience with people from all around the world. Interested can visit his educational website to get full information about program.

About Clifton Fitness Training

Clifton fitness training provides a lot of health benefits for all ages. If you want to delay the aging process, build muscles, loss weight, improve stamina or body flexibility then make sure to get effective fitness training. Although exercising at home is better than doing nothing at all, exercising with the help of professional personal trainer in Clifton NJ is still the best way to go.

About Membership at Muscle Building Gym

If you want to build muscles, apply for membership at a muscle building gym. If you want to lose weight, there are gym instructors who can teach you how to do workouts designed for fat loss. You may also want to get balanced fitness training by building muscles, improving stamina, improving flexibility, and losing weight at the same time. You can do workouts wherever you want, you get to have a personal fitness plan done for you specifically and you get to do exercises without anyone else distracting you.

About Clifton Fitness Boot Camp

Boot camps are designed to provide intense fitness training to ensure fast results. The boot camp is a type of exercise program that is patterned from the military style of training.

About Trainers

Russ Teitsma — was introduced to fitness and nutrition by a family friend when he was a teenager. He was out of shape and way over weight at 210 pounds as a freshman in high school. He was also experiencing lower back pain due to his weight and having no core strength. As soon as he started into this fitness program he began seeing results and he was hooked! Now its 20 years later and his growing passion is to help other people lose weight and feel better both physically and emotionally.

He has been a professional trainer for 12 years now and he has worked with more than 500 people completing over 20,000 personal training sessions for weight loss, fat reduction, muscle building, detoxification, toning, flexibility, diet and nutrition, speed and agility, athlete sport specific and plyometrics, corrective training…

Marc Ronches — He found his calling for fitness at the age of 18. Like many teenagers, he was not sure which direction he wanted to take his education. After looking through a long list of potential college majors he found only one that really stuck out… ”Exercise Science.” He thought, that sounds pretty cool. He likes to workout. His first class was Anatomy & Physiology and instantly he knew he was in the right place. He was never really a big fan of school growing up but this was something where he could really excel. His passion was fitness. Specifically personal training. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist he came to a revelation…EVERYONE CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND BE HEALTHY! Why? Because it’s a SCIENCE!

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