Roof of your house should be such that it can withstand the vagaries of nature and protect your house. Roof should bring extra space to the house and at the same time be durable. Roofs can of different styles, one of the most common being flat roof. Companies dealing with roof repairs or installation will put up new flat roofing Leicester at reasonable cost and at great speed. Next to roof, chimney is another aspect which needs expert care and maintenance. Your chimney may look perfect from outside but the interior needs thorough inspection. You should call companies exclusive for chimney repair Leicester.  


Flat roof is quite common in countries where there is nominal or moderate but not very heavy snowfall. Flat structure may not be able to withstand heavy load of snow. Flat roofs are given a slight pitch for rainwater to flow into rain water pipes or drains. There are two layers to flat roofing Leicester, base fixed to the main structure of roof and top layer of waterproof material. Correct sealing of both layers is vital for trouble free installation. Surface for flat roof is laid with layer of gravel to prevent harmful UV rays and the top is covered with felt or modified bitumen in 3 plies. Experts in flat roofing Leicester are approved and licensed installers of flat torch felt roof. Once your flat roof is spread out correctly it will last for decades and you can remain tension free. Modern technology has made possible rubber layer of ethylene propylene being laid on flat roofs which offer more durability.


Experts in chimney repair Leicester will visit your house with highly experienced team and submit quotation. They will complete repair and renovation without causing any disturbance to inhabitants of the household. Companies for chimney repair Leicester will also install new chimneys in offering various design options to you complementing your building design.


A major benefit of flat roofing Leicester is that it involves less time and hence less labour cost during laying and installation. These are much easier to access and you can inspect personally for any wear and tear. Flat roof is beneficial for holding your split AC units and vents for exhausts. These are very useful especially in commercial buildings. Maintenance of rain pipes and gutters are also very easy on flat roofs. Chimney repair Leicester involves attending to broken cowls or damaged pots in general. Closer scrutiny will reveal damaged mortar which needs immediate attention to prevent leakage in the stack. Re-pointing of mortar is an important aspect of chimney repair for long lifespan.


When you call flat roofing Leicester services for your house you are assured that they will provide material of the highest quality and with guarantee directly from the manufacturer. Most of the products also carry insurance assurance and you get the best return for your investment. They are experts and will carry out your roofing solutions with correct tools and instruments and even install scaffolding, if required. Cowl needs attention during chimney repair Leicester to prevent back flow of harmful gases and fumes. All these services will be delivered at very competitive rates for you. You can book for service and repair online for greater convenience.  

Experts in   chimney repair Leicester    will complete their job well within promised time and leave your premises clutter free. For no-complaint  flat roofing Leicester    call the market leaders in roofing solutions and experience high class service.