As the old adage goes Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. It has never been easy for most couples to be compatible and cooperative. In the good olden days women were suppressed in most of the matters and hence there never used to be an issue of compatibility or individuality. But today’s modern women are more matured, educated, independent and above all like to make their own decisions especially when it comes to relationships. And these qualities might sometimes become hindrances in finding a perfect soul mate for a husband.

This book “Get A Ring On It: 10 Secrets to Becoming Wife Material” written by Lasana Smith is an excellent guide full of relationship advice for women and dating advice for women that would help them find their soul mates. The book is a result of Smith’s research for more than a year on observing, interviewing and conducting focus groups with marriage-minded single men between the ages of 24 to 44 across the nation to get a better understanding of the question “Is the single, modern woman having a difficult time finding a husband?” The research is also a part of Smith’s Master’s Thesis in Communication Management from the University of Southern California.

“I believe everyone wants to love and be loved. So why is there more single people today than ever in history? My mission for ‘Get a Ring On It’ is to assist women in increase the love in their lives by sharing with them the most important characteristics men look for when selecting a wife. This book provides insights that men know, but rarely talk about with each other much less with women”, says Lasana Smith. The book is currently sold exclusively on Amazon. To celebrate the Paperback launch of the book, a Kindle version is being given away for free but only between 6/16/2014 and 6/20/2014.

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About Lasana Smith

Lasana Smith, the author of Get A Ring On It is a dating and relationship expert and a television host most famous on The Huffington Post,, and the Yahoo Web-series “Let’s Talk About Love” with Niecy Nash. Lasana now has her own relationship blogging site and was a featured writer for Tyra Banks show online magazine’s Single and Fierce Blog.

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