Recently, India has become one of the best medical tourism destinations for successful cosmetic surgeries at best cosmetic surgery hospital in India. India has a number of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons among them many have been trained in the US and UK in a specialized area of cosmetic surgery. One of the top rated reason for cosmetic surgeries is body reshaping or belly fat removal surgeries. It can be a tummy tuck surgery, belt lipectomy, or liposuction surgery. Apart from that, there are many other reconstructive surgeries such as breast reduction or breast lift surgeries, arm lift surgery, and facelift surgeries to reshape or rebuild body parts. The range of cosmetic surgical procedures also covers blepharoplasties, ear-shaping, Hair Transplantation, Rhinoplasty, Cheiloplasty, and many more facial cosmetic surgeries. Skin grafting is also a branch of cosmetics surgery used to reconstruct appearance after burn accidents or to reconstruct specific body parts such as ear, nose, etc. that were damaged or missing from birth. Reconstructive surgery is the oldest form of Cosmetic Surgery, having developed out of the need to treat wounded soldiers in wartime.

The main idea behind this cosmetic surgical procedure is enhancing one’s beauty and self-esteem without any post-operative complications under the supervision of the artistic talents of cosmetic surgeons. In the last few years, India has become a hub of excellent cosmetic surgeries with the experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeons and a number of well-equipped best cosmetic surgery hospital in India. Columbia Asia Hospital, Manipal Hospitals, Breach Candy, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Elizabeth Hospital, and so on are well reputed cosmetic surgery hospitals in India. And most importantly, the Indian costs of cosmetic surgery have come down considerably due to advancement and refinement in medical technologies and it is about 25% less than other developed countries.

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