Geryn Childress released his first book series through his publishing company MP Publishing. His latest release under the Childress Children’s Book Series entitled “The What Am I? Book” launch was a great success.  The What Am I? Book was well received and topped many charts on Amazon’s Kindle book list. The last book to be released in the first edition of the Childress Children Book Series “Super Negro!”  will be available March 2, 2013 on The majority of his books are based on his experiences parenting seven kids as a single father.  Some of his other writings were inspired by Childress’ mother Marilyn Childress, who was also a writer and television producer in Pontiac Michigan, she passed away due to cancer in 1998.

“The What Am I? Book” was written for children to be entertained guessing riddles with their family, and hopefully this develops into good family bonding time during vacation or free times.

Geryn Childress is a children’s book author, novelist, videographer, Chef, magician and most important to him, father of 7 children. He is the author of “The Who Am I? Book, Super Negro! The Little Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Farting, and Please! Stop My Baby Brother From Crying.”  all original works with many more to come.  Geryn Childress books are a continuation of his mother’s legacy of getting kids interested in reading and learning from an early age.

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