Dr. Christopher McLendon, Dr. Roy Powell, and Dr. Paul Syribeys have prepared an infographic on breast augmentation to provide their patients with a quick and easy to digest educational resource.

Macon, GA — May 14, 2015
Dr. Christopher McLendon, Dr. Roy Powell, and Dr. Paul Syribeys, founders of the Renaissance Plastic Surgery and the Renaissance Surgical Centre located in Macon, Georgia, have created this visual infographic on Breast Augmentation to give their patients an easy way to digest educational information on this procedure. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some, Drs. Christopher McLendon, Roy Powell, and Paul Syribeys have begun to create a library of infographics to support the educational information on their site. Out of the cosmetic procedures series, this infographic is focused specifically on the breast cosmetic surgery procedure, breast augmentation.

The infographic is themed towards Drs. Christopher McLendon, Roy Powell, and Paul Syribeys’ practice with graphics, colors, and design that are not only visually appealing but also contain a wealth of information on this specific procedure. Along with offering great information on breast augmentation, the infographic also provides Drs. Christopher McLendon, Roy Powell, and Paul Syribeys’ current and potential patients with reviews and testimonials on their expertise as board certified plastic surgeons. Renaissance Plastic Surgery hopes to be able to educate their patients about breast augmentation and also inform them about their high level of expertise with plastic surgery.

This educational piece will be readily available on the blog and is also search engine optimized to allow all users interested in this procedure to find their infographic online.

Drs. Christopher McLendon, Roy Powell, and Paul Syribeys bring years of training and hands-on experience to the infographic, providing viewers with insight from a professional and highly renowned cosmetic practice.

Click to download and view the Breast Augmentation infographic.

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